A world of magic and mystery created by the Great One ages ago in a time before time. First, the gods were born, the cardinal beings that gave the world its shape and filled it with its first life, the Titans. After the Titans fell in a war with the gods who had created them, the gods created their second lifeforms; the Elves. These beings cultivated the land and served well the natural forces that gave them birth. Over time a subculture of Elves began to form and eventually became known as man. These Men migrated over the great peaks of Ikathane. Those that stayed behind became the Dwarves, the others founded various tribes and kingdoms in what is now known as Achadia.

The histories of the mortal races are as varied as they are. But the general spread of the world now is still and frought with danger at every turn, few venture out into the wilds where creatures make their dens, and even fewer still dare to seek the lost relics of days long past. Here on this website you will find an expanded timeline and explination of each of the mortal races in Illaria as wll as other helpful information to run a Dungeons and Dragons campaign set within this mystical realm of intrigue and adventure.

Be sure to check the Adventure Log to see what you missed if you missed a session or two! Also note that there is now a Homebrew section for you to place feats, items, powers, or whatever else you want into.

The Aasaurian Chronicles: Forbidden City

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