Eliphas is very slender for his height standing at a lengthy 6 foot even. Even as a revenant, his range of complexion is the same of a human. The one thing that sets him apart from others is his masklike visage that some call disturbing. His skin color has an ashen hew and has shrunken features. His skin becomes thinner near the end of his limbs and at the tops of his joints. His fingernails and toenails end in what looks like claws. His eyes are mostly a solid black color and in place of a pupil is a fiery red glowing light. In the heat of combat, or when his emotions are running high, that red light in his eyes widens to engulf his entire eye socket. His hair is long, curly, and gray in color. His facal hair includes a short goatee with long trimmed sideburns streaming across the side of his face.

His clothing is simple in design with gray and dark colors displaying runes across the hems and edges of his robes that light up with eldritch energy in the heat of combat. His cloak covers most of his hair and his entire forehead. His robes cover all of his body. The only skin that can be seen is on his face.


Eliphas is a quiet and reserved person rarely ever showing his emotions. He is cold even towards his allies being brutally honest and straightforward. When he needs to, he speaks shortly and to the point, and hates small talk thinking is a waste of time. When looking at Eliphas, he just stares at you with a look of calm hatred. This isn’t far from what he really does think. He is very neutral towards everyone around him but his allies, and even then, he only thinks of them as tools. He has no friends and does not look to make any. He believes that friends, like most things, are temporary, and hinders his goals.

He doesn’t enjoy most pleasures that others would, mostly because he has no need to, or can’t. the only time where you would see him display a sliver of personality is when his dark sense of humor comes out normally in the form of one liners or simple phrases, and the rare times when a spark of his past life come to memory.  In the heat of combat, he is cruel to his enemies, and to a point, enjoys causing them pain and suffering. He can be seen with a very sinister smile when he knows a fight is coming that he knows he is going to enjoy.

These sparks of his past life are slight reminders of what he once was, and can sometimes be so powerful that they bring him to his knees in earthshaking sadness or swelling anger. These they are a powerful show of his inner most feelings, and end quickly.

Other than bringing pain and suffering to thou he finds worthy, Eliphas one pleasure in life is learning and reading. Normally when entering a new town or city, he darts to the nearest library to read almost everything he can find. In his travels, he goes out of his way to fine long lost temples and ruins and can spend days looking at the runes and finding anything he can about it.


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