Doryuu Yoshito

Spirit Swordsman


Human Hybrid “Spirit Samauri”

Age: 40 / DoB: 1/1 /Sign of the Fool

Height: 5’11 / Weight: 200 lb

Diety: Yoshito worships and reveres the many spirits at work in the world.

Appearance: Yoshito is a man who is well on in his years, however, due to constant physical activity he has staved off the ravages of age. His swordplay and interesting uses of the magics at play in the world reflect in his appearance just as much as his Lodone culture. He wears a thick white garb that has been long stained with dirt and blood of battle, and does so to cover up the many layers of durable leather armor that covers practically all of his body. Beneath his armor, though few have had the privilege to see, is many sheathes of tattoo. Some of them magical wards he placed himself to protect him from the horrors of the world, and some to commemorate his many travels.

What’s his deal: Yoshito has been away from his native land of Lodone for some time visiting with his relatives and training under a noble swordmaster who had moved to Achadia. At least that is what has been told. He has a cold disposition and a fiery heart. On the battlefield he summons the “soul of the sword” to protect his friends and thwart his enemies.

Yoshito is also the proud owner of the artifact katana Ippiki Ookami “Lone Wolf.” A blade with, as of yet, unknown power that was gifted to him upon cleansing the first room of Gojin’s sacred temple undercroft.

Doryuu Yoshito

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