Cardinal Gods

The Cardinal Gods are the avatars of The Great One who used His power to break thorugh the Voidspring to create His world. Though He made the journey, He could not maintain his physical form as it was, and so His energies released and split into seven parts. These seven parts were the Cardinal Gods.

Zon, the earthfather, used his erthen might to shape and cultivate the land into which life would be poured.

Jeuno, the watershaper, filled the world with his will and from his clear waters came life. Plants, and animals came forth and over many years were fruitful.

Minnaver, lady of the flame, warmed the cold planet and set it to spin creating possibilities, passions, and desires that drove creatures to love, to breed, and to kill.

Benzas, lord of the winds, blew upon the world, shifting its climates and creating a natural flow of things. Water began to flow one way, and the winds another. Order was his gift to the world.

Arthum, sister to Benzas and lady of lightning, twisted her brother’s work as he slept. She introduced chaos to the world, sending rain from the clouds, hurricanes from the wind, the sea crashed upon the land at her command for her amusement. From all this, Illaria was given change.

Vallum, the god of light poured his will into the world seperating light from darkness. Those who gazed upon the light were considered pure of heart. Goodness was his gift to the land.

Vorenn, Vallum’s brother and god of darkness sheltered his people from the light, cloaking them in shadows so that their wicked deeds would be hidden. Evil was his gift to the world.

Having done these things, the gods rested in the heavens where they built a paradise known as the Plane of Wisdom it is here that the gods rested and watched over their first creations, the Titans.

Changes to the Cardinal Gods

Vorenn launched an unsuccessful plan to reclaim his physical body in the year 913 3E using a hapless band of adventurers to further extend his powers and wreak havoc on the land. Having been thwarted by that same band of adventurers, the gods cast him out of his place and accepted his son, Yeavan demigod of darkness and melencholy, as his successor while Vorenn himself was placed into the demigod caste as punishment.

This shift in power is part of The Enlightenment that is now sweeping Illaria in the year 915 3E.

Cardinal Gods

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