Gallãd is the warrior kingdom of the east known for its inspiring leaders and fierce axemen. The capital is Gonkrend, the resting place of the Axe of Gond which adorns the courtyard of Battlespire Keep. The king of Gallãd, Musgell Gallãd VII is a shrew of a man, but well-respected amongst his people who look upon him as one of the world’s finest warriors and one of the most inspiring speakers to ever have graced Achadia’s soil.

Background Benefit:

Gallãdian Axewilder You have been trained since birth to wield your nation’s prefured weapon and display your skill with it proudly while exibiting your nation’s second love of inspirational speaking.

You become proficiant in the use of an axe of your choice and gain a +1 on Diplomacy checks.


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