HB Feats

Heroic Tier:

Beastial Feats: Your Beast Companion gains a feat. It must meet all the prerequisites for a feat it takes and therefore cannot gain racial feats, multiclass feats or class feats. This feat can be taken multiple times, selecting a new feat for your beast each time. If you gain a new beast companion you may transfer or retrain feats granted to it by this feat.

Beast Augments Your Beast Companion gains an additional item slot to be used with Beast Companion armor. At Paragon tier your beast gains a weapon slot to be used with designated Beast Companion weapons. At Epic tier, it gains an additional item slot to be used with an accessory designated as a Beast Companion accessory.

Paragon Tier:

Beast Surge: Whenever a creature designated as your quarry is reduced to 0 hit points, your beast companion may make a move, standard, or minor action as an immediate inturrupt.

Epic Tier:

HB Feats

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