Hexima, formally known as Narūk, is an old kingdom under new management. The once noble and feared kingdom of the southeast has become a corrupt and festering sore on Achadian soil. The King, Erest Haxburn, ascended to the throne though civil war. It is not yet known whether it was he who began the war nor could any evidence be found that linked the three dukes, Dunsar Saurof, Formand Gasbarn, or Draclau Olaffine to the conspiracy. Some say that a Darkling sorceress gave them the power to rule in exchange for privacy to preform her dark experiments, but those who have tried to put evidence to this claim have turned up most decidedly dead.

Background Benefit:

Hexian Shadow You have become adept at blending into the shadows and communicating with Daemonkind, as is the custom of Hexian society. Tolerance is your middle name when it comes to race, but Yevon have mercy on those who do not share this point of view.

Add Stealth to your class skill list, gain a +2 to Stealth checks and add Infernal to your language list.


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