Poluxia is the most recent of the Seven kingdoms. After a land acquisition from the former Narūk and its neighboring kingdom, Sard, Cashue Poluxi bought himself into the highest Echelon of royalty with an amount of gold thought unobtainable. Some say he gained both his title and vast wealth from an ancient dragon’s horde, but these rumors were never confirmed and were deemed too outlandish to continue. However he obtained his riches, Cashue Poluxi has busied himself with affairs of state to an almost intolerable degree, often forgetting the subjects in the farthest reaches of his kingdom. Though most seem happy with his rule and a vast majority even praise him for his contributions to their needs.

Background Benefit:

Graced Poluxian At one point or another, the Ashbane has graced your presence. This was either because you asked to see him, or because he saw you along the road down on your luck. The former of the two seems more likly.

When making a character, choose your highest ability score when determining starting hitpoints and add 300 gold to your starting amount.


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