Ranger Beastmastery

We have decided that Beastmastery for rangers is horrible so we have rewritten the rules to make it a more enjoyable feature to play with your ranger friend. Maybe WotC reads some of this stuff?

Beastmaster Ranger (Direct from WotC Martial Power) A deadly hunter, you specialize in double-teaming your enemies with the aid of a beast companion. Your beast is an extension of you, and thereby it is an invaluable member of your group. No other is needed to help you flank your quarry. Melee combat with the aid of your beast is your focus, so you favor Strength. You count on Dexterity for your AC and occasional ranged attacks, so your secondary focus is on that ability score. Wisdom, your tertiary ability score, makes you better at the Perception skill and gives you an edge with many ranger powers. The Beast Mastery class feature is designed to complement this build.


Beast Companion: You gain a beast companion selected from the categories bear, boar, cat, lizard, raptor, serpent, spider, or wolf. This pet counts as an ally for the purposes of flanking, and shares actions with you during combat. You may also use your beast companion as the origin square for one of your ranger attacks once per encounter. You may raise the beast using the raise beast ritual which you learned as part of your training to become a Beastmaster.

Beastial Awareness: Once per encounter, whenever you and your beast companion are adjacent to your quarry, you may both deal your hunter’s quarry damage on a successful melee attack as long as you and your pet are at least 3 squares away from the next nearest ally.

Ranger Beastmastery

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