Redima, the White City of the North, was the first founded kingdom on Achadian land. Its founder, Ascar Redima, served as a Dragon Knight in the Dragon Crusades and was awarded some of the most beautiful, coastal land in all of Illaria. The King who still bears the keepsake name of Ascar XXXII, is the sole proprietor of the Ether Shard of Light along with two other artifacts; the Dragonsword of Ascar and the Mirror of Truth that make up the sacred Regalia of Redima. Redima lives by the Seven tenants, and its capital of Whitehaven houses both Whitehaven castle and the Cathedral of Vallum in which mass is held for all Redians every Fiersday.

Background Benefit:

Redian Sentinal You have attended mass every Fiersday since you were born. Except when you were sick or maimed of course, but even then you tried to rouse yourself to conduct your morning rituals and study the old texts to find the hidden truths of the gods.

Add Religion to your class skill list and gain a +2 on Religion checks and add Archaic to your language list.


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