Sard, now the second richest kingdom in Achadia, still stands as the Southernmost kingdom and the trade capital of Everes. People from all over go to Sard to trade their goods and more money passes hands in Sard each day than anywhere else in all of Illaria. The good king, Kane Harūn Sard (who is at this time only age 19), addresses the people each day at the opening and closing of market each day which happens at 6:00 am and 11:00pm respectively.

Background Benefit:

Sardian Smuggler: As a fact of life, every place that has an opperating time, has a ring that opperates afterwards. The Sardian Black Market meets in secret every night after hours to trade interesting goods and services of the illegal varity. Somehow, you’ve been invited into this circle.

Add Bluff and Diplomacy to your class skill list and gain a +1 on Bluff and Diplomacy checks.


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