The Aasaurian Chronicles: Forbidden City

The Aasaurian Chronicles: The Forbidden City

Prologue part 1

Benzas 23, 915 3E

Yoshito begins his adventure near Eliphas on a ship departing from Everes to Lodone. The two begin on less than favorable terms before they dock, afterwards, Eliphas finds that he is in need of a translator. The only one available to him is Yoshito, so the two of them make a deal to work with each other. They enter The Lucky Dragon tavern to gain information after being unsuccessful at finding information on the street.

Upon entering the tavern the two are nearly accosted by the owner who offers them 500 sovereigns to kill an old crazy lizard man who has been scaring away sight seers, and bring back the girl who was hired to do it hours ago. Yoshito tells a half-truth to Eliphas that he has found a temple for Eliphas to study and the two of them go off together to see the temple.

Upon entering, the two trigger a “trap” that plays old Lodonian music that is quite loud and annoying. This alerts the temple’s inhabitants, Sseth and Tessia who introduce themselves. Yoshito and Eliphas refuse their hospitality as Yoshito and Sseth engage in dialogue leading to the conclution that Sseth needed to come with the others uncontious so that they could collect on their bounty.

Upon reaching The Lucky Dragon, Tessia is given her bounty of 1000 sovereigns and tells the others that their 500 is included in her 1000. The party is disgruntled, knowing that they had been mislead. After resolving the money, Yoshito returns to his family, bringing the others along.

Soon they see that Yoshi’s home is being reposessed, and Yoshi’s mother asks him to retrieve the treasure from the old temple in order to repay their debts. Sseth agrees to let them have the money and they go off to the temple once more.

Once inside, the party finds the temple desecrated. The statue in the main room was toppled over to reveal a secret passage into the temple’s undercroft. The party ventures downward and are ambushed by Frostbourne Zombies and Blazebourne Skeletons on the ramp down. They make it thorugh them to a second room where they fight more skeletons and a couple of Banshees. Afterwards, the party cleanses the chamber and a statue of Gojin ascends, granting them Ippiki Ookami and Shatterscale two of his powerful artifact katanas.

They move on and discover a Highbourne in the ritual chamber. He says his name is Ethan Draelas and offers the party a chance to join him. They refuse him and he summons powerful anceint elementals known as Aeroch. The party defeats them, but Ethan makes off with a glimmering green shard that was said to hold great magical energies.

The party takes the treasure within the temple, pays for Yoshi’s home, and then sets off for the new temple being constructed in the town square for answers. The sage there reveals the nature of the shard called “The Storm Shard” by the Lodonians. He then instructs them to chase after him as the Highbourne may intend to use the shard for evil in a ritual known as “The Cleansing.” He tells them to travel to Redima in Everes to seek out one of the lost books that contains the information they need.

With everything in hand, the party goes to the docks where Tessia’s captain friend, Millar, greets them and agrees to take them to Redima free of charge. And so the journey was under way.



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